Lounge Zen Show

Afflictions, Benedictions, Contradictions. January, 2008, Teaneck, NJ

This was a show at a Japanese restaurant, lounge. I exhibited a variety of old and new works, both abstract and representational. The centerpiece was the 48 unit, "Month of Johnnies," from May 1996, a collection of mixed media self portraits.

Month of Johnnies

This is a view of "A Month of Johnnies," created as a kind of daily visual diary during May, 1996.

Princess Oky-o

This collage image was used on my postcard. Collage is not a major part of my work, but I enjoy the playfulness it allows.

Strange Fruit

This is an image from the Iron and Spice series. They are all 14"x17" on heavy paper.  I used iron oxide pigment and turmeric with various media for binders.  This piece also has a collage backgoung and india ink on top.

Self Portait with Bone

This is an oil paintng on canvas board, 18" x 20" form 1999. A funny one to show at a restaurant, but it was on the lounge side.