Street Art

Trying to spread the love all over, nicely.

Anyway, I acknowledge the art of street art, while also viewing it as a menace and a crime. The thing is, marking is a sign of life and the human presence. All art is the cry, "I am here." Word.
Probably the last person to figure out the deep graphic orogin of "Obey Giant." Well, here I am. I got so pleased with myself and had to splice up a mother and child reunion for y'alls. By all means please check out the original at
Street View
I put up a couple of these one night with my girlfrind Patrice. Here's a photo of one of the locations at 2nd Street and Ave B.

You can't read it, but someone scrawled, "Fuck Commies" in the white space acroos the bottom. Write on, comrade!

Worse than that is my imposition of "Libroffiti" on a library book. But it was asking for it. Blank pages in the book, "Autograf:New York City's Graffiti Writers by Peter Sutherland." Y'know, "Steal This Book" and that whole vibe. I invite you to check it out of the collection of the Yonkers Public Library, Grinton I. Will Branch, Fine Arts Department, Call# Q751.73S. Word.